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Illustra Flex Series

Illustra Flex PTZ

The Illustra Flex Gen4 cameras are designed to provide complete 360-degree coverage with total remote control over the camera’s field of view (FOV). 30x optical and digital zoom capabilities allow you to see objects from miles away or focus on important details relevant to surveillance and security. Available in 2MP and 4MP models, the Illustra Flex Gen4 cameras push the boundaries of image quality at low bandwidth in low light and adverse conditions with Intellizip, SmartWDR, Smart Defog and built-in IR illuminators (Up to 656 ft (200m)).

Illustra Flex cameras are equipped with deep learning AI and an expansive list of subclassification and object attributes capabilities to classify targets more accurately within a scene. Miss fewer incidents, reduce false alarms, and automate forensic searches for more accurate situational awareness. Plus, customize analytic rules to best suit your business to begin gathering data instantly.